Walking with Alfred Watkins

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The image at the top of the page shows The Four Stones which are situated in the centre of the Radnor Valley (or Walton Basin) in Powys. The area attracted the attention of Alfred Watkins and indeed. the monument and its surroundings were central to the development of his theories about ley lines. Watkins suggested that six lines could be drawn from The Four Stones.

Herefordshire History - Alfred Watkins Collection

The Woolhope Club - Alfred Watkins

The Old Straight Track by Alfred Watkins - Walking Through the Past

Early British Trackways, Moats, Mounds, Camps and Sites by Alfred Watkins

An Alfred Watkins Miscellany (1920–1935)

Ley Line Discovery

The Old Straight Track

Alfred Watkins' Bee Meter

Royal Photographic Society - Alfred Watkins

Video - Alfred Watkins and the Bee Meter

Memorial unveiled to pioneering British engineer Alan Dower Blumlein and the scientists and RAF personnel who lost their lives in 1942 while testing airborne radar when their plane crashed near Welsh Bicknor (Walk 3)



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